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About this project


Charlotte-Mecklenburg is knit together by its utilities, its roads and its school system. These pages are devoted to the schools.

In summer 2010, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board declared that budget cuts for 2010-11 would require decisions by November. To allow citizen input, the board launched a review in late June of a variety of specific policies that will be revisited in November. We expect to host here a lot of information that is presented to the public during that review.

But broader questions relating to CMS will also be discussed here. Just what topics will be discussed will be determined by those who contribute material for possible use on the site.

This site is maintained in the public interest by Steve Johnston, a former CMS parent and resident of Charlotte-Mecklenburg since 1978. Reach him through the response boxes on a number of pages of this site.

In the posting of this material, the default is for transparency: We should know who is writing, and something about them so as to assess their point of view or potential for conflict of interest. There will be occasions when the identities of contributors will be withheld because of the contributor's anxiety about retribution; CMS employees were the first to request protection.






List of contributors


Listed here is biographical info about contributors. In the case of those who wish to remain anonymous, we will list here what material we can. Material posted elsewhere on this site may carry full names or initials. Unsigned material is the work of Steve Johnston.


J.M. Aberman. S.C. native and longtime business law attorney in Charlotte. Has children in CMS schools, and is passonate advocate for fundamental change in CMS classrooms.


Jim Henderlite. Charlotte native. Electrical engineer, self-employed, with a global practice and a global perspective. Reach him at jim.henderlite@swannfellowship.org.


Steve Johnston. Born Delaware; in N.C. since 1965; in Charlotte since 1978. Children attended CMS. After journalism jobs in Chapel Hill, Burlington, Raleigh and Charlotte, he was executive director of the Swann Fellowship during the time that the Fellowship published Educate!, a weekly journal on Charlotte-Mecklenburg public education. Reach him at sjohnclt@aol.com or 704-408-3348.


Mike Murdock has a long record of involvement in school matters. He combines a day engineering job working at nuclear power plants with supply preaching in Presbyterian Church pulpits. He earned an M.Div. degree from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Ga.


Sharon Starks served on the 2005 Task Force to Study CMS Structure and Governance convened by the Foundation For The Carolinas. And she was appointed by at-large school board member Kaye McGarry to the CMS Equity Committee.