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marks listings of area media coverage.




6-6-14 Crab Orchard Creek, Valle Crucis



1-15-13 Task forces take on role as shapers of the conversation.

1-10-13 Open the door on task forces' discussions on the future of CMS.




12-20-10  Observer carries citizen comments on "what would make CMS a great system."

12-2-10 Mayor Anthony Foxx ruminates at town hall about whether school budget cuts are right thing to do.

11-28-10 Rev. John Cleghorn comments from the pulpit, and the editorial page, about CMS budget issues.

11-6-10 Longtime civil rights attorney James Ferguson calls on CMS to halt school-closings plan. Text cache.

11-6-10 Four county commissioners ask school board to delay Tuesday vote. Text cache.

11-2-10 Let's start talking again, using lessons learned during "comprehensive review."

10-29-10 An open letter to Judge Manning appealing for a ban on the new Jim Crow.

9-23-10 A Steve Johnson video might help people think about school issues in a different way.

9-20-10 The limits of home school assignments.

9-18-10 Let's have a parade of parades!

9-10-10 Wildly popular academic programs should move to bigger buildings.

9-9-10 School board's struggles during this Comprehensive Review are often with its own past mistakes.

9-8-10 Is this Review comprehensive? A proposal for K-8 schools in the Spaugh feeder area.

9-7-10 Rosenwald schools: A reminder that the struggle for education runs deep in Mecklenburg soil.

9-1-10 The CMS Investment Study Group isn't your school board or is it?

8-31-10 The Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum compiles its suggestions for education reform.

8-31-10 CMS official Tyler Ream on how high school graduation is unlikely for a student retained twice.

8-15-10 The late Donella Meadows on how democracy is supposed to work.

8-4-10 Jim Henderlite writes about holding leaders accountable.

8-4-10 Incompatible goals: Top achievement for all and assigning everyone close to home.

7-28-18 Will the gap ever narrow? Ruminations on a chart about on-grade reading levels.

7-19-10 A chart of reading scores shows difficulties with achievement at CMS's most challenged schools

7-12-10 Could we talk about guiding perceptions before guiding principles?

7-10-10 Observer reports on board member's assignment priorities The list of priorities. Text cache.

7-8-10 Could we broaden our understanding of how parents participate in their children's educations?

7-6-10 Teacher leaving CMS talks about how fear of losing jobs will keep teachers from being candid.

6-30-10 People tied to Westerly Hills Elementary look to protect their school from closure pressure.

6-30-10 What about stability as a guiding principle for the education of struggling students?

6-28-10 Will group stay the course tracking voting records of school board members?

6-26-10 Student appeal may make case that resegregation is a hardship to educational attainment.

6-26-10 A reader comments about school hours in China.

6-23-10 When will resegregation rise above the "threshold of unacceptability"?

6-23-10 Charlotte Post story about public forum focuses on advocate Blanche Penn. Text cache.

6-21-10 Observer story lays out assignment issues. Text cache.

6-19-10 Whither CMS? and a note about the operation of this website

6-19-10 A teacher comments on "toxic environment" created by overcrowding.

6-19-10 Charlotte Observer outlines upcoming week of comprehensive review meetings. Text cache.

6-18-10 Notes and comments from people responding to columns by Kathy Ridge and Steve Johnston.

6-18-10 Kathy Ridge urges participation in upcoming CMS comprehensive review.

6-18-10 Steve Johnston suggests a single question for CMS and community during comprehensive review.