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The First Scholarship Fund Concert



Jan. 13, 2013

Dozens of people attended, and even more contributed, to Sunday's successful launch of the Sarah and Sammy Stevenson Endowed Scholarship Fund at Johnson C. Smith University.

AME Zion Church Bishop George E. Battle Jr. said Sunday that Sarah Stevenson had long held the dream of creating a scholarship to honor her fourth son Sammy, who grew up in Charlotte and became an internationally known opera singer.

Dr. Ronald L. Carter, president of Johnson C. Smith, accepted the roughly  $20,000 in donations that will lay the groundwork for a fund that will one day assist a JCSU student with college costs.

Bishop Battle, who was chair of the CMS Board of Education when Sarah Stevenson served on the board as its first African-American female member from 1980 to 1988, donated the concert venue costs at the Varick Renaissance Center so that all other donors' contributions would go directly toward the scholarship fund.

In the text from the Program, below, there are videos from the concert. The underlined links will take you to the same videos on YouTube.






Steve Crump, master of ceremonies and WBTV reporter



Rev. Robert Hull, pastor, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church


Musical Selection

Quartet of Stanley Graham, William McLeoud, Darrel Payton and Michael Porter



Bishop George E. Battle Jr., presiding prelate of the Piedmont Episcopal District, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church



Reflections Tribute

Mrs. Sally Robinson, Family Friend



Refreshments and Attendees

Open Buffet



    Accompanying: Ms. Ellen Robinson and William McLeoud

Mrs. Teresa Moore Mitchell



Mrs. Linda Straite Lynch



Dr. Thomas Moore




Endowment Presentation

Mrs. Sarah Mingo Stevenson


Remarks and Closing Prayer  

Dr. Ronald L. Carter, President, Johnson C. Smith University



Closing Song

How Great Thou Art, All Family and Friends









Bishop and Mrs. George E. and Iris Battle, Jr.
Attorney and Mrs. Russell and Sally Robinson

CLEF - $2,000
Mr. and Mrs. Stoney and Tonya Sellars

WHOLE NOTE - $1,000
Mr. Rennie Cuthbertson
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey and Cindy Gantt
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Anne Gilchrist
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur and Alicia Griffin
Myers Park United Methodist Church
Attorney T. Michael Todd
The Honorable Melvin L. Watt


HALF NOTE - $500
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Mary Lou Babb, Jr.
Mrs. Johnnie Collins
Ms. Natheley McElrath
Mr. James ‘Smuggie’ Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Harry and Rebecca Jones
Genesis Project I

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Theodore and Carol M. Gaither
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Jackie McElrath
Mr. and Mrs. Richard “Stick” and Teresa Williams

Mr. and Dr. William and Carlether Burwell
Dr. and Mrs. Bryant and Elma N. Clancy
Mrs. Sarah M Coleman
Mrs. Patricia Cotham
Mrs. Geraldine Brisbane Crooks
Rev. Gwen Curry
Mrs. Diane English
Mrs. Claire Fallon
Attorney Trevor Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. William T. and Annie Gillespie
Mrs. Roberta M. Harris
Mrs. Anna M. Hood
Mrs. Carlenia Ivory
Mrs. Pamela Jefsen
Ms. Tammy Johnson
Mr. Steve Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Grover and Mildred M. Kirkland
Dr. Vilma Leake
Mrs. Laura McClettie
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Izetta Massey
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel and Kerry Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E and Helen Stevenson
Mrs. Claire K. Tate
Mrs. Ann Davis Thomas
Dr. Joyce Davis Waddell
Mrs. Jackie Edwards Walton
Mrs. Vivian Williams

Special Thanks

Bishop and Mrs. George E. and Iris Battle, Jr.
Mr. Steve Crump
Dr. James Howell
Rev. Robert Hull
Johnson C. Smith University
Myers Park United Methodist Church
Ms. Ellen Robinson


     “Every day when my feet hit the floor, I try to think about all I have to be thankful for: my friends, my family and all the people who never gave up on me and love me. It brings me to tears to even think of it.

     “My life has been a blessing and therefore I want to establish a scholarship endowment fund, leave a legacy, and also honor the life of my late son, Samuel Clark Stevenson, a devoted children’s advocate and local and international accomplished opera singer.”