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 Project initiated Feb. 26, 2013

On these pages will be material collected on behalf of a new resident of Charlotte who seeks to learn about this young-old rich-poor progressive-antediluvian open-closed city.

Readers are invited to offer suggestions on what to post .


Tour 1: Varieties of Effective Leadership

Plato Price School, where a student bus driver used the threat of a work stoppage to challenge the school system's discriminatory methods in assigning new school buses to schools.

Pinewood Cemetery, where an icon of Jim Crow Charlotte finally fell under the very public rhetoric of the city's first African American City Council member.

Fannie Circle in Grier Town, now known as Grier Heights, where the Eastside Council on Civic Affairs in the late 1950s extracted justice from city officials by calling them individually and in private to the "hot seat" at a kitchen table.