“Social trust is a nation’s immune system.”

– Rachel Kleinfeld, Sept. 11, 2020

Aug. 3, 2020

Lew Powell, a longtime Charlotte resident, is a retired journalist. During his retirement he has focused on two North Carolina cases that for him raised fundamental issues on the administration of justice. The first was the Little Rascals Day Care case from Edenton. More recently he has focused on the plight of Junior Chandler, who after 25 years remains jailed in a Madison County case, which also involved allegations of abuse of children. Powell writes about those cases and others on his website and on Facebook. In this session, Powell discusses those cases, the search for Covid-free educational opportunities for all children, and his big head.

About ‘The Word’

Page initiated April 10, 2020

A deadly virus upended the world. There were indications that the isolation orders so important to protecting lives might remain in place for many weeks, and that large meetings might be prohibited for months. And pandemics have a history of returning. The 1918 influenza pandemic struck once, twice, three times, with the second spread in the fall of 1918 being the most lethal.

In the lead-up to this pandemic, twentysomethings were reported watching community livestreams from their home offices, then calling in their questions, using a friend actually in the room to speak their truth to the presenter. The system worked well for them. Would it work for others, for all of us? This project is an effort to answer that question.

The growth of the The Word will require buy-in by young people who are interested in it and would like to shape it to serve their needs. If that includes you, let us hear from you by e-mail.

If Mister Covid is driving you nuts, pick up a book. Try Page 60, or another number to your liking. Don’t expect total relief, or a complete experience. Just use it as a way to get yourself grounded again. Any book, after all, is a wonderful window on the world.

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