Whither CMS?

June 19, 2010

School board members face rising costs and uncertain revenues. Between June and November, they will explore a variety of issues and sought out public input. On the eve of the first public forums, the Charlotte Observer laid out the questions that school board members will explore.

This site will follow along during that process. We’ll try to collect here a variety of materials and commentaries on the process.

But this site is really going to focus on something broader. For the key challenges that CMS faces are not easily addressed in the truncated format required to make changes for 2011-12.

As the public process unfolds, please help us at this site prepare for the much larger process that this community needs to consider. E-mail us with your views on the challenges, and how to move forward.

This site is not going to host a free-for-all. Check your stereotypes at the door and then please come in.

Articles first posted on the front page of this website will, after a time, move to the Archive.