What expectations do we have for our children?

Feb. 17, 2020

It’s Presidents’ Day. Odds are that none of the students in CMS schools today will ever serve as President.

But every one of our children should be ready to take their chosen place in adulthood.

How are we doing on that goal?

Setting aside all of the wrangling over tests and what is tested and how, the current batch of North Carolina tests have a standard of achievement for children who are “on track for career and college readiness.” Truth to tell, it’s not an exceptionally ambitious standard. But it is a standard.

In the state tests completed last spring, in half of the subjects and grades tested, fewer than half the children meet the standard. In the other half, barely more than half of the students meet the standard.

The Opportunity Task Force report from 2017 is still arguing for systemic changes that have no owner. The CMS “Breaking the Link” documents from 2017 and 2018 are still laying out just how urgent it is that the community ensure that every child achieve.

Is there a piece of this work that you could take ownership of?